We deliver two things:
growth and increased value
of your company.


We thought you’d find it more interesting and relevant to see the results and outcomes of “what we do” than to read reams of technical details and long-winded essays about how many years of experience we have!

For each of our clients, the road to growth has been as practical as implementing one or more of the following:

Marketing Strategy

Increase the value of your business.

Organised marketing strategy = dramatic increase in chances of success, better-organized execution and higher value of your business!

A great marketing strategy will reduce the ‘guess-work’ and help your marketing and business development efforts to be more effective and much less expensive.

“Implementing Green Ant’s strategic advice helped grow our pipeline by $750k. We closed $500k of new business within 9 months.”

Paul Steed
MD, APD Australia

Paul Steed


We connect you with the people you want to meet.

What’s the most effective way to connect with busy decision makers? How did we connect with Guy Laliberte, the founder of Cirque Du Soleil, Malcolm Turnbull when he was in office and Rod Chadwick when he was the CEO of a $6.5Bn organisation?

Human connection is often more effective than disconnection through digital platforms.

How much more business could you secure if you had a replicable recipe for securing appointments with busy decision makers?

"Within 4 months the Green Ant team helped introduce us to 11 senior executives, including the CEO of Melbourne Health, one of the largest health organisations in Victoria."

Ron Van Der Schalk,
Director, Corporate Information Systems

Ron Van Der Schalk


Build steady long term lead sources.

Businesses recognize that one of the most powerful assets they have is their business network. But they’re unable to maximise the commercial return on their network because of ineffective community growth strategies. They sometimes use valuable time and resources to create nothing more than a regular social get-together.

Green Ant are experts in building commercially geared business community assets, resulting in a long term sustainable pipeline of leads for your company.

“Our corporate inventory sales have increased, our sponsorships have increased and what our business community delivers is unprecedented. If you’re thinking about growing your business, I recommend you talk to Antony Gaddie.”

Vince Crivelli,
CEO, Melbourne United Basketball Franchise



Close more deals.

For medium to large companies targeting tier 1 and tier 2 size businesses, the sales game can become complex and sometimes challenging.

Thankfully, we have a very strong track record for closing deals and for sharing Intellectual Property and systems which have helped our clients to close even more deals, to open up new relationships, to create win-win outcomes and for contributing to the Greater Good.

"Since we implemented some of Antony Gaddie's Sales Conversion Systems 5 months ago, we've submitted 57 new proposals. All of them have been successful."

Adam Centorrino

Managing Director and Founder, Centorrino Technologies

Adam Portfolio Image1


If we create the strategy and deliver the tactics in a ‘black box’, without showing you or your team how to do it… you’ll achieve growth.

But if we share the Intellectual Property and recipes with your team throughout the journey, you’ll absorb the ‘know how’ and the value of your business as an asset will increase.

One of our core values is Empowerment.

We always share the recipes and Intellectual Property

with our clients.

“I have found Green Ant to be particularly generous with their Intellectual Property and their connections. Their guidance and connections have added significant value to our business.”

Stephanie Ryan
M2K Technology

Steph ryan

“The systems and intellectual property which Green Ant shared at the CEO institute have achieved some of the highest feedback scores (from the CEOs) in the history of the Institute”

Neville Christie
Founder of New Enterprise Services
Former Chairman at the CEO Institute

Rsz neville torso against city

“Antony's business development systems are exceptional, engaging, different and very practical. We're now networking at a much more strategic level with new contacts and new opportunities on the table as a direct result of Antony's tactics. If you implement the techniques, you'll be primed to close more new business this year."

Tony Sambell
Founder & Managing Director
Spicy Web

Tony sambell 2

"Antony and Eric have an amazing network of CEOs and decision makers and their values around profit-for-good are transparent. We closed a significant deal as a direct result of a personal introduction which was made by Antony."

Jenny Junkeer
CEO, Junkeer New Era Consulting

Jenny Junkeer

“I sought guidance from Green Ant while pursuing a really large (and significant) deal. I used the advice. I closed the deal. Simple.”

Rob Richard
Business Development Manager, Marsh

Rob Richard